About  PAWO

PAWO is a Costa Rica based clothing brand, founded by the couple Alexandra Hawley and Simon Fernandez in 2017.

Alexandra left her home, Spain, in 2013 looking for that perfect life she always dreamed of, living near the ocean, surrounded by nature.

That's how she ended up in a small surf beach town called Santa Teresa and were all the magic started.

Simon left Argentina in 2011  in search of new waves and get rich from different cultures.

The couple meet in Santa Teresa in 2014 and since then they have been travelling all around the world, meeting amazing people, opening their souls to magic experiences and being inspired from the beauty of mother earth.

Now they have established their roots and created PAWO .

PAWO is a collection of unique, exclusive pieces and vintage accesories, always improving our style and materials bringing you the best in each piece.

We believe in ethical practice ,this is why all  our products have been made with spirit, love and caring the workers who made them.


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Our Store 

Santa Teresa Beach

Puntarenas Province

+506 -8651 - 9579


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Mon - Sat : 11 am - 6 pm

Sun : 12 am - 5 pm

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